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Address: Classic Boats Vintage Cars and Yachts, 2 Sheen Rd, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1AE. UK.
eMail: sales@classicsafloat.co.uk | Phone:(+44) 01234 712065

Classic Boats and Vintage Cars are not only an investment opportunity they are a declaration of personal style. They evoke a lifestyle that's elegant, luxurious, and relaxed.



Our Service Level

There are many places to buy a classic car or boat and even more options for maintenance and repair. Most of these businesses are focused on making a sale. At Classic Cars and Vintage Boats we take a longer view. We've built our business around one simple idea: making the vintage and classic ownership experience as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Whether that's helping a customer find the right boat, yacht, or car at the right price, making sure their investment is dependable or helping them when something goes wrong - we are focused on delighting customers. Every sale is the beginning of a continuing relationship with that customer. Not surprisingly, return customers and referrals from happy customers are our primary marketing tool.

At the end of the season we can retrieve your boat, car, or yacht, clean, winterize, and evaluate any maintenence. We can handle storage, and look after it. We’ll let you know what it needs, and have the work carried out, so when spring comes, your ar or boat is ready to go. We’ll even work with your marina to coordinate and oversee delivery so its ready when you want it.

Repair and Maintenance
We provide an action plan to make sure your car or boat is in top shape, now and in the future. We’ll show you what it needs now, and what the three to five year plan should be. Upon your approval, we proceed with the work, utilizing our world-class craftsmen and service team.

At your request, we will make sure your boat or car is clean, fueled, and even test run. We offer these services on a regularly scheduled basis, or you can call us as needed.

In the unlikely event you have a malfunction, we’re just a phone call away, anytime, all the time.

For Immediate Service - : Contact Us Here.

Our Guarantee.

We only sell classic cars, boats and yachts that we know. If we are unable to satisfy ourselves of the history and guarantee that the previous work and restoration carried out has been done satisfactorily and to the highest standard, then we will not sell it.

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